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Happy Birthday Mum!

A few days after my Dad’s birthday was my Mum’s. Another e-card designed and sent!


These designs of mine were available at ‘Ohh Deer’ an online design store a few months ago for a limited time.
IMG_1550 IMG_1551IMG_1552



Both my designs are now available for sale for a limited trial period of two weeks at ‘Ohh Deer’ If sales go well they will be available on the site long term. Have a look, Christmas isn’t too far away after all 🙂


This was an entry for a competition run by Anorak Magazine, a very cool magazine for kids (but let’s be honest, adults love it too!) The competition was to create a colouring page on theme of zoo and as the brief stated that the animals could be real or fictitious I chose to put a bit of  weird spin on my zoo. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit and come up with something quite surreal as I usually draw from reference but I this was a good challenge and I had a lot of fun doing it!


My entries for a competition run by There were a lot of fantastic entries from very talented people so the competition is very stiff but I had a lot of fun creating these none the less! 



My humble little workspace, tidied up for you guys of course! The wall is covered in lovely reminders of my trip to India, photographs for colour inspiration and a beautiful hand painted tree of life bought in Varkala for design inspiration. The brush pens are my favoured medium at the moment and I cannot live without my scanner! Also for design inspiration are a couple of beautifully hand screen-printed and hand bound books, filled with wonderful, colourful drawings, they serve as a little reminder to myself to get back into screen-printing as soon as I can find a good set-up. I love nothing more than producing things by hand 🙂